Hombres solteros complentadas

The journey towards the age of maturity or marriage was a vital, complex stage for women, since it involved risks and mishaps not only for daughters who lived under the jurisdiction of parents and tutors, but also, and above all, for those other young girls who, for various reasons, lacked the protection they needed from their families, which made it more difficult for them to protect their honour during puberty, as well as to gain access in the future to the marriage market. La niñez, hasta que tiene ocho años; la segunda, hasta que tiene los veinte; la tercera, hasta que ha cumplido los treinta; la cuarta, hasta que ha cumplido los cuarenta; la quinta hasta que le falla el período. Con la quinta edad disminuye su vista y su calor, se le relajan las carnes y sirve mucho al hombre.

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