Smart Buildings

Activity domain related to smart buildings, see the Examples...

Intellectual property rights (IPR)


Activity domain related to smart buildings, see the Examples...

Service level

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  • Perimeter Access Control: Access control to restricted areas and detection of people in non-authorized areas.
  • Liquid Presence: Liquid detection in data centres, warehouses and sensitive building grounds to prevent break downs and corrosion.
  • Indoor Climate Control: Measurement and control of temperature, lighting, CO2 fresh air in ppm etc.
  • Intelligent thermostat: Thermostat that learns the users programming schedule after a few days, and from that programs itself. Can be used with an app to connect to the thermostat from a smart telephone, where control, watching the energy history, how much energy is saved and why can be displayed.
  • Intelligent fire alarm: System with sensors measuring smoke and carbon monoxide, giving both early warnings, howling alarms and speaks with a human voice telling where the smoke is or when carbon monoxide levels are rising, in addition to giving a message on the smartphone or tablet if the smoke or CO alarm goes off.
  • Intrusion Detection Systems: Detection of window and door openings and violations to prevent intruders.
  • Motion Detection: Infrared motion sensors which reliably sends alerts to alarm panel (or dialer) and with a system implementing reduced false alarms algorithms and adaption to environmental disturbances.
  • Art and Goods Preservation: Monitoring of conditions inside museums and art warehouses.