COSMOS – Privelets Functional Component

Privelets functional component is an essential part of the COSMOS chain. Things are able to communicate with each other as well as with COSMOS platform and thus expose information linked to the Thing's user and his/her environment. In this way of information exchange, there is high possibility that the user shares information that violates his/her privacy in an undesirable way and consequently he/she may be exposed and vulnerable to any malicious behavior. Privelets is a component that runs at the Thing's side and its role is, acting as a filter, to ensure that every Thing (and therefore its user) shares only the intended information and leaves out all other that is considered as private and is believed to affect his/her privacy.
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  • Latest update: October 7, 2016
  • Developed by: Achilleas Marinakis, ICCS/NTUA
  • Contact name: Achilleas Marinakis
  • Contact email: [email protected]
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Privelets Functional Component:

  • Applies on two different models of communication; push and pull
    • Push is applied when a Thing consistently feeds its data towards the communication services of COSMOS (such as the Message Bus) or towards the ingestion in the Cloud storage at the COSMOS platform side
    • Pull is applied through the IoT Service concept, that enables an entity to query a Thing for getting a specific data field at an arbitrary time point
  • is implemented as a Service in a lightweight way, to be able to run inside the Things

Privelets Main Functionalities:

  • Acts as a privacy filter
  • Enables the end-user to define which data can be shared and which not
  • Data fuzzification

Service level

Technology Readiness Level

6 - technology demonstrated in relevant environment

Reuse Readiness Levels

8 - Demonstrated local reusability; the software has been reused by multiple users.