iCore – Virtual Object Registry API

This entry describes the Virtual Object (VO) Level implemented components in the context of the iCore project. There are several implementations which are categorized by their name.

VO Registry API

Current project describes the implementation of the Virtual Object (VO) Registry API. The registry full documentation, description and code is available at Git

The project includes the following folders:

1. [VO Registry API Documentation]: documentation that is separated into two different files: a) the VO Model Specifications and examples and b) the VO Registry API Developers Cookbook.

2. [VO Registy API Libraries]: includes the VO Registry java libraries that should be used in order to develop particular VO Registry Clients.

3. [VO Registy API Samples]: Eclipse project that includes a sample implementation of the different VO Registry Client capabilities.

It should be highlighted that the current project constitutes the Client side part that can contribute to the implementation of different clients that can interact with the available VO Registry instances in the cloud.

List of Available VO Registry Instances


Service level

Technology Readiness Level

7 - system prototype demonstration in operational environment

Reuse Readiness Levels

7 - Software is highly reusable; the software can be reused by most users with minimum cost and risk.