LinkSmart® Middleware

LinkSmart_logo LinkSmart® Middleware Platform is a framework and a service infrastructure for creation of distributed Internet of Things applications. It is comprised by a number of components organised in the following sub-projects:
  • LinkSmart® LocalConnect provides components for building local smart environments consisting of a number of devices, applications and services, which can be discovered and communicated with using the publish/subscribe or request/response messaging.
  • LinkSmart® GlobalConnect focuses on connecting remote LinkSmart® LocalConnect environments over the Internet enabling transparent communication of applications and services beyond the boundaries of a private network.
  • LinkSmart® Services is an umbrella project for Middleware services providing extended functionality for implementation of IoT applications and platforms.
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  • Latest update: August 19, 2016
  • Developed by: Fraunhofer FIT
  • Source code repository:

Intellectual property rights (IPR)

LGPL, APACHE, depending on the component

LinkSmart® LocalConnect

LinkSmart® LocalConnect is a middleware toolkit for building Internet of Things applications in local environments. Its base use case is interconnecting heterogeneous devices into a network and exposing their capabilities via common APIs (HTTP, MQTT, etc) that can be consumed by applications and services. It can be thought of as building blocks for IoT infrastructures in different scenarios from smart home to industrial environments.

LinkSmart® GlobalConnect

The basic functionality of LinkSmart® GlobalConnect is to provide a Tunnelling Service than enables transparent communication of applications and services beyond the boundaries of a private (routable) network. It helps to connects remote LocalConnect environments over the Internet.

LinkSmart® Services

  • Historical Datastore is a service providing an API to store, process, and retrieve simple sensor measurements.
  • IoT Data-Processing Agent is a an IoT light service developed to provide stream analysis at the edge of the network.
  • Semantic Metastore eases the use of semantic data in IoT applications. It allows management, querying, and processing of highly structured graph-based RDF domain models and metadata.
  • Model Repository is a service for managing LinkSmart domain/deployment models.

Service level

Technology Readiness Level

7 - system prototype demonstration in operational environment

Reuse Readiness Levels

6 - Software is reusable; the software can be reused by most users although there may be some cost and risk.