This category documents IoT deployment, or open source or closed source applications using some of the components documented in the portal in a use case documented on the portal.

VITAL-OS Smart City Platform

VITAL-OS is an integrated framework made of many open source components facilitating cost-efficient development, deployment and operation of Smart City applications.

The VITAL-OS solution includes management tools with functionalities for managing diverse IoT systems and services in a unified way and ergonomic GUI, so facilitating city-wide planning and the monitoring of relevant interventions. It offers FCAPS (Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance and Security) functionalities, focusing specifically on smart cities and IoT requirements, and includes a governance toolkit that enables configuration and deployment of an instance of the VITAL-OS platform tailored to the needs of the specific city.

VITAL-OS offers added-value functionalities such as Complex Event Processing (CEP), filtering, orchestrating and other data processing functionality, which enable smart IoT scenarios, without the need to deal with the low-level details of the underlying systems. VUAIs are the abstract interfaces residing at the top layer of the architecture that enable developers to access VITAL-OS’s added value functionality.

VITAL-OS provides a set of visual tools for developing and deploying applications with reduced effort and cost. These tools allow developers to access and compose the various capabilities of the VITAL-OS platform for rapid development of back-end IoT services over the VITAL-OS platform, in order to implement smart city applications.
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OSMOsis applications for the sensing Enterprise

The main objective of the OSMOSE project is to develop a reference architecture, a middleware and some prototypal applications for the Sensing-Liquid Enterprise, by interconnecting Real, Digital and Virtual Worlds in the same way a semi-permeable membrane permits the flow of liquid particles through itself. The OSMOSE Project will develop and experiment significant proof-of-concept scenarios and environments in two European industrial domains, assessing techonology, socio-technical implications, privacy security issues.
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COSMOS-Eventflows Smart Events Marketplace

Τhe ability to analyze data and extract meaningful conclusions (often in the form of events) is one of the key aspects and use cases in the modern IoT, Big Data and Cloud combination of technologies. Combining events in an abstracted manner (without having knowledge of how events are created and published), with each other or with  raw data, is one of the key aspects for gradually ascending in awareness levels. Through the Eventflows Marketplace, powered by the COSMOS project, these combinations may be achieved in a very efficient and agnostic manner, enabling developers to build upon results, extend them according to their specific use case or vision and monetize their effort. The Eventflows Marketplace runs as an actual service offering, to which Producers and Consumers may register and interact.   See more

BUTLER - iCore Integrated Common Demo

The BUTLER - iCore integrated common demo serves as a proof of concept on the semantic interoperability, seamless connectivity among heterogeneous IoT infrastructure (smart objects, mechanism, network elements, etc). The cognitive management and control of such IoT infrastructures allow several IoT project to share resources, offering enhanced services at the end user. See more

iCore Smart Theme Park

This trial illustrates how the iCore functionalities can be utilized in entertainment attractions like theme parks. The motivation of this trial is to provide a personalized digital souvenir for theme park customers. This trial, on one hand, could capture the valuable experience of customers in the format of digital multimedia while they are enjoying the events. On the other hand, it creates a new product and theme parks could make profits from it. The main idea is to deploy various sensors including digital cameras, microphones, RFID sensors, infrared sensors around the thrilling rides to record expressions and screams of riders, starting and stopping time of rides and identification of riders. All these multimodal information are analyzed and fused to generate personalized video clips for each customer. See more

iCore Smart Business: Supply Chain Management and Logistics

The Smart Business use case demonstrates the following:

  • Acceptance reports: the iCore system provides the end user of perishable goods (e.g. a retailer or pharmacist) a report at delivery of the products showing its conditions during transport and storage. Based on these reports, the end user is able to decide whether to accept the shipment or not. At the same time, the reports can be used by transporters to avert claims for spoiled goods. The prototype is focused on temperature sensitive products.
  • Real‐time alerts/early warnings: the iCore system provides (early) warnings to transporters when the products are outside their optimum storage conditions. The system provides these warning to guarantee the quality of products throughout the supply chain and enables transporters to act before damage occurs.
  • Automatic control of storage and transport conditions: Since the iCore system has knowledge of what conditions are required for products within a warehouse/truck. Therefore, it can provide functionality to automatically control environmental conditions based on the requirements of products stored in (compartments of) warehouses or trucks by directly controlling coolers/HVAC systems.
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iCore Smart Hospital Trial

Modern hospitals are complex logistic systems composed of a number of departments and rooms, medical equipment (asset) including portable ones and personnel. The assets are often migrate from one department to another or are misplaced. Accurate positioning of assets ensures their quick localization in the case of emergency and makes them available for periodic maintenance. See more