Content available on this platform use is ordered using the following categories.

Use Cases

This category documents scenarios of use of IoT technologies. This can include high level application domains (Smart Home) or individual detailed scenarios (controlling home multimedia system based on user location). See more


This category documents software libraries made available as Open Source or web services made available as Open API (and possibly Open Source), that provides reusable components that can be used for developing IoT applications or other enablers. See more


This category documents Open Sources software tools that can be used to facilitate the development of IoT applications and enablers (example: IDE, debugger and diagnostic tools…). See more

Tutorials and Reviews

This category represents tutorials on how to use the different components (Libraries, APIs, Tools, Applications, Models…) of the platforms; or third party reviews of one or more component(s) documented in the portal. Third parties reviews (of a single component) or comparison between different components are important to validate the quality of the components documented and to provide alternative views by independent actors. See more

Standards, Protocols, Models

This category documents standards, protocols and models that can be used in the design of IoT applications and enablers. (Communication protocols, architecture models, ontologies…). See more

Applications and Deployments

This category documents IoT deployment, or open source or closed source applications using some of the components documented in the portal in a use case documented on the portal. See more