Update on the life of the Open Platform initiative

Do you want to test the open platform sensiNact ?

Apply to the OrganiCity open call and get funded to discover sensinact:

Open Call

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We are working on a new version! Stay tuned! will be revitalized by the UNIFY-IoT project and the IoT-EPI community!

This is a work in progress, and the new version is expected to go live by the end of June 2016.

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BUTLER components on GitHub

BUTLER is now present on GitHub. Various components will be made available on this platform in the incoming weeks.

Two applications have already been pushed there:

endpoints, the webapp used to document and share web service. See it in action.
iot-map, a simple app that shows on a map devices; developed thanks to the Localization Manager SmartServer and […]

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Open-platform working paper public release

The IERC research cluster for the Internet of Things has publicy released its working paper on the open platform initiative. This paper identifies selling arguments for open platforms and proposes work items to bring it to life: OpenPlatforms_v1.2.

Comments and contributions are largely welcome through the contact link of this portal.

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IoT Week 2014 Reports Available

The IERC AC1 on Architecture and Open Platforms was among the lead contributors of the 2014 IoT Week in London, participating to many activities.

The IERC Activity Chain 1 session on Open Platforms introduced the Open Platforms initiative. This session was divided in two parts: the morning session presented the Open Platforms initiative, and […]

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IoT Week 2014

The IoT Week

The Open Platforms Portal initiative has been officialy launched this week at the IoT Week 2014 in London


As part of the IoT Week a Hackathon has been organized on the components of the Open Platforms, including components from BUTLER, OpenIoT, Compose and Gatesense

If you participated in the Hackathon, we welcome your […]

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Open Platforms Portal Beta

Welcome to the Open Platforms Portal
The AC1 / BUTLER / Open Platform team is happy to introduce you to the first version of the Open Platforms Portal. The objective of the portal is to reference the open technologies that can be used to create Internet of Things applications but also to document their […]

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