OSMOsis applications for the sensing Enterprise

The main objective of the OSMOSE project is to develop a reference architecture, a middleware and some prototypal applications for the Sensing-Liquid Enterprise, by interconnecting Real, Digital and Virtual Worlds in the same way a semi-permeable membrane permits the flow of liquid particles through itself. The OSMOSE Project will develop and experiment significant proof-of-concept scenarios and environments in two European industrial domains, assessing techonology, socio-technical implications, privacy security issues.
Reference Architecture
for modelling and managing shadow images of the same Sensing-Liquid Enterprise in the three interconnected worlds regarding both immaterial and material liquid flows under flexible security and privacy capability rules: Actors (RW), Agents (DW), Avatars (VW), representing humans and smart objects, interact and negotiate;osm_home_page01
Event-driven and Service-oriented Osmiotic Middleware

to constantly and automatically keep background consistency between the three worlds through the implementation of three pairs of basic processes:

    • Virtualization RW-VW;
    • Augmentation VW-RW;
    • Digitalization RW-DW;
    • Actuation DW-RW;
    • Simulation DW-VW;
    • Enrichment VW-DW;

Liquid Stargate
which allows human users to browse the relevant real-digital-virtual assets in an integrated multi world representation view, to configure the behaviour of their human RW Actors – DW Agents – VW Avatars and to support knowledge sharing and experiences/emotions exchange, by crossing seamlessly the three worlds gates;


Service level

The first deployment of the OSMOSE platform have been performed during the project lifetime on the premicies of the EPC and LHD, the official pilots of the project.

Technology Readiness Level

6 - technology demonstrated in relevant environment

Reuse Readiness Levels

3 - Basic reusability; the software might be reusable by skilled users at substantial effort, cost, and risk.

Innovative Sensing-Liquid Operations Management application
in the Aerospace Domain concerned with helicopters’ pilots training via Real and Virtual World flight simulators;




The Aviation proof of concept is focusing on post-delivery management of high-value complex industrial products such as helicopters’ simulators.

Any damage or malfunction by the monitored artefact represents a huge cost for the manufacturer, while the necessary investment to improve the Real – Digital - Virtual Worlds applications with sensing-liquid capabilities could be easily returned in 1, max 1.5 years after the conclusion of the project.

Innovative Sensing-Liquid Supply Chain Management application
in the Automotive Domain concerned with camshafts life cycle traceability.





In the case of the Atomotive Pilot, the proof of concept focuses on keeping the track of the whole life-cycle of the camshaft over the set of operations involved in the manufacturing process.

The synchronization of the Real-Digital-Virtual Worlds activities and the start-up of a sensing-liquid enterprise contribute to the required traceability system to better manage the whole production process of camshafts, from its provisioning to its production, distribution and maintenance.