The objective of the portal is to reference the open technologies that can be used to create Internet of Things applications but also to document their interoperability, relationships, and reference to existing use cases, infrastructures and deployments. For now most of the components documented here originate from European research projects, but the initiative isn’t limited to this scope. The Open Platforms portal can be seen as a tentative map of the Open Internet of Things Ecosystem.

The purpose of the portal is to enable technology choices and as such should document not only the technical whereabouts of the open platforms components but also and more importantly all the information that enable their reuse (IPR, Service Level, Security … ). The eventual objective of the portal is to be able to answer complex queries for IoT enabling technologies and reusable components.


Why Open Platforms for the IoT?

The availability of technical platforms, including not only standard communication protocols but also reference architectures, and key component implementations is a critical need to answer to the Internet of Things need of interoperability at different level (technical, syntactic and semantic).

Many initiatives have been started toward the creation of Internet of Things platforms, but given the broad potential reach of the IoT, it can be hardly imagined that a single platform will fully fit all potential scenario and use cases. The open approach of a “platform of platforms” proposed here is a guarantee to address not only current foreseen IoT scenarios but also to be able to adapt to emerging needs.

What do the Open Platforms provides?

The open platforms initiative can neither be a standalone initiative neither a simple information repository, it is viewed as a hub that aggregates and references the information essential to the IoT ecosystem. The Open Platform documents and references:

  • Technical components at the heart of IoT applications
  • The standards, protocols and references they use
  • The use cases, applications and business models where they are applied

In addition it documents the relationships between these components and identifies the IPR and licensing schemes associated to enable you to rapidly reuse them in your applications.

Who is behind this and whom does it address?

This initiative originated from the European Project BUTLER (FP7), and is now a joint initiative part of the Internet of Things European Research Cluster activity chain 1: Architectures approaches and open platforms. The contributors to the initiative include numerous high profile European industrials, research centres and innovative SMEs at the heart of the IoT Ecosystem.

The initiative is open for anyone to make use of the components documented in this portal. If you’d like to contribute to the initiative and document your libraries, use cases, standards or applications on this portal please contact us, we’re always looking to expand our initiative.

Where to start ?

A good starting point is by looking at the documentation of the portal, on the portal itself…